Advanced Blast Simulator


Stumptown Research and Development offers comprehensive design and manufacturing services for government facilities and university research labs around the world interested in simulating free field blast environments. Our patented Advanced Blast Simulator (ABS) is the only functional research equipment capable of producing the proper negative phase and secondary shock patterns of a free field explosion. Stumptown Research & Development, LLC is licensed as the sole manufacturer of the Advanced Blast Simulator (Patent US20130042665A1) which represents the state of the art in blast wave generation.

The ABS is fully customizable to meet any experimental needs including biomedical research and structural testing. The design can be modified to fit within your existing laboratory allowing for repeatable, accurate results in a controlled environment. 


The ABS design delivers the following advantages:

  • Realistic Waveform
  • Secondary Shock
  • Negative Phase
  • Planar Wave
  • Adjustable Overpressure and Wave Duration
  • Highly Repeatable Loading
  • Reflective and Diffractive Testing
  • Customizable Target Fixtures
  • End Wave Effect Elimination

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